Earn exclusive discounts when you buy in Bulk!

At SDBT we offer some of the best discounts to our wholesale buyers exclusively. If you want to start your own business by purchasing our products in bulk, we will compensate you to the maximum extent possible. The discount can be upto 50% off depending on your order size and nature. In simpler words, the higher the quantity for a given order, the lower the prices become. However, we will have to verify that you really want to buy in bulk. For this, your application will be reviewed by our team.

The process for becoming a wholesale buyer is quite simple. Just follow the below steps.

  • Register an account on our store
  • Be sure your details are accurate
  • Then send us an email mentioning that you want to become a wholesale customer at our store
  • We will review your application
  • If it passes, we will assign some special privileges to your account
  • When you login into your account, you would see all the wholesale prices that are exclusive to you
  • Shop and enjoy