SDBT Secured Shopping

We assure you that your shopping with us is 100% secure. Most online stores do not take this seriously but we do. We have done a number of things to make sure your transaction and order is safe with us.

Secure Payments

We accept payments either via PayPal (currently the most secure payment processors out there) or Redsys. Both payment processors will deduct the amount from your credit/debit card safely. Note that the payments will not be deducted on our own website, instead, on the payment processor’s secured (SSL encrypted) webpage.

Secure Website

No site is 100% hack proof but we have done a number of tweakings to make our site 100% secure. We have taken several precautions to make sure the order is placed without any conflict. Our framework is secured; the site contains all the necessary security measures.

Data Security

What good is an online store if it can’t keep your data safe? If you want to know what data we collect and how we use it, please read our privacy policy. Note that we never collect your credit/debit card data as the payments will be deducted via a third party payment processor. So you should be 100% satisfied that nothing could go wrong while shopping with us.