MC-SB-141 Throw-over Leather Saddle Bag with locking mechanism

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The saddle bag comprises a length of 18” x 12” x 8.
Tough model having a plastic sheet inside.
Brass finish rivets.
Highly reflective surface helpful during night riding.
Leather tie downs and laces attachments for mounting.
Rubber padding attached at the back.

Availability: In stock





The brand new saddlebags contain a water resistant feature and will keep mounted on the bike even in extreme climatic conditions or impels. For certifying the security of your bike, we added the rubber padding at the back of these leather bags. Thus, the parts of your bike or the finish won’t get damaged. The design suits most of the superbikes and choppers.


The model is referred throw-over 2 piece saddle bag and ideal for storing bulk stuff with security. The leather is synthetic and of top quality. The detailed stitching and perfect manufacturing techniques make it durable and long lasting. There are pockets inside the bag giving you additional space. Buckles are silver finish and contain a rust free feature.


Grab this elegant bag and make your ride enjoyable. It delivers you a pleasant and comfortable long ride like never before. The model is up-to-date and well praised. The parts are stitched together firmly and won’t be torn apart. The studs and other metal fittings look adorable and eye catching on the bag. Hence, it can be used for holding great quantity of stuff in it during travelling.

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