MC-SB-130 Throw Over Leather Saddle Bags with Rivets

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Square shaped construction for the modern bikes.
Many silver platted rivets attached on the bag.
Leather straps fit easily in the quick release buckles.
Inner pocket for some tiny items.
Protective sheet (plastic sheet) wrapped on the bag.
The sizes of the bag are 14'' x 11'' x 7''..

Availability: In stock





This saddle bag will be absolute for the bikers who like hanging around the town at times. The bikers don’t need to worry anymore about their luggage including food, clothes or other tools. As you can see in the picture that the bag has a large size and is able to store heaps of stuff easily. The front and back flap are lockable.


Its a throw-over 2 piece saddlebags set that will fit perfectly on nearly all the bikes models. Hence, mount the bag on the rear fender or on the side of your bike by means of the leather straps or laces attachments attached with the bag. The straps are firmly attached with the synthetic leather bag and won’t detach from its structure. The chrome platted small rivets present add allurement and elegance to the model. The buckles have a quick release and lock mechanism. The saddlebag’s surface is covered with the 1.5 mm plastic sheet on all sides. On the back, we have added the rubber padding that keeps the rear parts of the bike safe.


The leather product is newly made and comprises of excellent quality synthetic leather. Thus, buy this leather saddlebag for your Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, or Custom chopper bike and make your journey enjoyable like never before.

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