MC-SB-112 Smart Throw Over Leather Saddle Bags with Stitching

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The bags dimensions: 16'' x 9'' x 6''.
Chrome platted buckles and rivets.
100% waterproof saddlebag.
Buckles are chrome platted and possess will release quickly.
Smart and delight shape for modern choppers.
Separate compartments for multiple items.

Availability: In stock





Need a handy tool that could carry your stuff? This saddlebag is the ideal thing for travellers/riders of modern era. It makes no difference whether a rider needs this bag for food, hardware tools or other important stuff. This smart and rigid bag is able to carry all of them. There’s a plastic sheet attached in the inner surface of the bag whose purpose is to prevent the bag from shrivel incase the pressure is applied.


The synthetic leather construction bag is durable and excellent. Its rivets and metal attachments are rust free. The protective layer (plastic sheet) enables you to use this bag in any kind of climatic condition. Plus, its water proof (not only water resistant). There’s an inner pocket for keeping some important tiny things. Don’t worry about the bike’s finish or rear parts, as the bag contains rubber padding attached to its backside. The rust free/toxic free buckles provide easy opening and locking system saving plenty of time of one.


Synthetic saddlebags can be fitted on all bikes thanks to the universal fitting model. The bag’s shape is so perfect, that it makes no difference if you fit it with a custom builds or Brand choppers. Here are some of the recommendations: Orange country choppers, Suzuki choppers, Honda choppers and Harley Davidson Choppers.

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