MC-SB-108 Smart Leather Saddle Bag with 2 Pockets

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A splendid design having round bottom edges.
Two front pockets for extra stuff.
Small and elegant shape.
Chrome platted rivets and buckles.
Quick lock buckles.
Detailed stitching on the flaps.

Availability: In stock





This synthetic saddle bag is able to survive in most extreme climatic conditions. Its outer surface is highly reflecting that enables a rider to have a smooth ride during night time. We have covered the outer surface with plastic sheet. The bag is light weight and smart, still it can hold large quantity of luggage.


This is a synthetic leather saddlebag with chrome platted rivets and quick release buckles. All parts are mounted firmly and won’t collapse at any case. The design is slick and up-to-date giving your bike a nice look. Despite of the small size, the motorbike bag possesses a tough structure thanks to the inner plastic sheet.


We have manufactured this saddlebag especially for the modern riders. No matter what bike you use, the bag will fit on it flawlessly. Some of the recommendations are Orange Country bikes, Big Dog choppers, Harley Davidson bikes and Titan choppers. Use our saddlebags without any hesitation.

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