MC-SB-129 Slant Shaped Throw Over Leather Saddle Bags

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Silver finish rivets that are toxic free.
Square shape for modern choppers.
Inner pocket for tiny items and tools.
Buckles are chrome platted and possess will release quickly.
Reinforced stitching for long lasting leather.
The lengths of the bag are 18'' x 12'' x 8''.

Availability: In stock





We are offering a well detailed saddle bag produced from high quality synthetic leather. The saddlebags are a great way to keep the bulk quantity of luggage in it during any long ride. They not only help the user maintaining multiple items at the same place, but also prevent the stuff from any damage. This saddlebag also contains a handle providing an easy carry feature.


The bag has three major leather straps attached with the upper structure. All three leather straps contain chrome platted metal attachments at the end. The small rivets and buckles are also chrome platted and give a quick release function. The flap of the bag can be lifted upward to its full extent. There’s no chance of this bag’s getting collapsed, as the synthetic leather is of superior quality and involves detailed stitching. We have covered all sides of the saddlebag with thick plastic sheet that will keep it safe from dust. For further protection of your bike, we installed the rubber padding on the rear side of this bag. Its one side is somehow oval shaped giving an attractive look..


Just imagine how classy look will this bag provide to your bike during a ride. Buy this saddlebag for your luxurious Superbike, Custom Choppers, Harley Davidson Choppers and American Choppers.

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