MC-SB-127 Throw Over Leather Saddle Bags with Stitching

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Set of two piece saddle bags with sizes 16'' x 8'' x 5''.
Ideal shape for storing lots of luggage.
Brass rivets with rust free and toxic free feature.
Chrome platted buckles with quick release function.
Firm structure with Hard stitching.
Synthetic leather production with 100% water proof feature.

Availability: In stock





The well designed bag has plenty of storage inside to store your stuff. As mentioned above it is water proof so there will be no tension to travel with it even when its raining. The synthetic bag comes with universal fitting feature so it will fit on any kind of bike that you own.


The synthetic bag contains a thick flap that protects the water from getting inside. The surface is covered with 1.5 mm thick plastic sheet that protects the bag from external dust. We have also added the 4mm rubber sheet on the bag for the assurance of your bike’s security. Save your time by the quick release and rust free buckles. The bag won’t shrink due to the rigid inner plastic sheet fitting.


You may use the bag with any bike like Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, American Choppers or your own custom chopper. The elegant design is compatible with all bikes. Plus, the model is up-to-date and highly adorable. Hence, upgrade your bike by fitting this bag and make your travel much pleasant and enjoyable.

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