MC-SB-139 Egg Shaped Leather Saddle Bag with Black Flame

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Flame like pattern carved on the surface.
Quick release buckles (chrome platted).
Inner pocket for tiny objects.
The bag features dimensions 18” x 13” x 9”.
Round bottom construction.
Laces attachments for easy tying.

Disponibilidad: En existencias

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A perfectly designed cruiser bike saddle bag made with synthetic leather and water resistant feature. This synthetic bag involves the best materials and up-to-date production techniques. We have optimized its structure for choppers and other Harley Davidson bikes. The smart bag can carry colossal amount of luggage during a long journey. The tight inner surface prevents the bag from contracting.


The shape structure is especially designed for withstanding all kinds of climatic conditions during a journey. The flame like carving on the flap looks classy and makes it ideal for mounting with the modern bikes. For extra security, we added the tie downs and the laces attachments that will avoid the bag from falling off the bike.. For the protection of this saddlebag, it is enforced in the plastic sheet. The rubber padding is made on the backside of the bag is for assuring the safety of the rear parts of the bike. The buckles are rust free and contain shining chrome plating.


A flawless storage bag every biker has been looking. The mounting process is quite straight forward. Either use the mounting brackets or the provided laces/straps for this purpose. It can be used with the bikes like Orange country choppers, American V-Twin motorcycles, Harley Davidson choppers and many other.

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