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SKU: MC-SB-134

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Elegant round construction made with synthetic leather.
Slippery surface with reflective plastic sheet.
Chrome platted buckles that are water proof and toxic free.
Countless small leather frays attached to the flap.
Leather tie downs for adjusting the bag easily.
The leather bag has dimensions 18” x 13” x 9”.

Disponibilidad: En existencias

169,20 €




A highly recommended saddlebag for all bikers. This bag contains numerous tiny leather straps that won’t be ripped off from the bag. The bag is the ideal thing for storing your stuff on the trip. With its large storage capacity, the bag can hold plenty of stuff including the half helmets. Hence, make you journey pleasant and comfortable like never before.


A pretty enormous thing having adjustable tie downs. You won’t need hardware for installing it on your bike. Just place it over the rear fender and use the laces attachment or tie downs to mount it. The inner pockets are present for storing some additional gear. The brand new piece has a luxurious look with the metal attachments. For making it completely water resistant, we added the rubber seal and waterproof zippers. There’s no need to care about the maintenance or cleanliness about the product. The plastic sheet is wrapped on all sides for keeping it dust free. The rubber padding on the back side of bag will keep your bike rear parts and finish undamaged.


Use this bag with any bike that’s currently your property. It will fit on the famous bikes like Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki and American Iron etc.

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