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SKU: MC-SB-116

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The bag features heavy duty synthetic leather.
The construction is durable, rigid, long lasting and 100% waterproof.
Semi-round and charming shape.
Unique design featuring brass and silver studs.
There is a further compartment that can hold important stuff.
The bag measures lengths 17'' x 11'' x 7''.

Disponibilidad: En existencias

158,86 €




The bag contains a user friendly shape that looks classy on most of the bikes. Such bags are a great aid during a ride. They not only assist the rider on the journey, but also add charm to the bike. Thus, its a cheap and fancy thing that keeps the stuff of yours with great care. There are further large compartments inside the bag to fill up the stuff you need to carry. It enables the rider to ride in any climatic conditions thanks to the protective plastic sheet.


The well-shaped leather bag has solid parts including brass and chrome platted rivets. The buckles include a quick release function and easy lock mechanism. The flap is easily lift able saving the effort of one. On the top side, there’s an easy carry handle that can be proved a great assistance for riders. For making the bag highly adjustable, we also attached the leather tie downs with it.


You can fit these bags with any kind of bike. Either mount it with the laces attachments or any other means. These synthetic bags are so elegant and luxurious that it will enhance the allurement of your precious bike. Next time, whenever plan to hang around the city, be sure to carry along such saddlebags for storing tons of luggage with a certificate of authenticity.

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