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SKU: MC-SB-105

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Lengths: 16'' x 10'' x 6''.
Highly reflecting outer surface.
Plastic sheet installed in the inner side.
Brass platted rivets (toxic free/water proof).
Water resistant reinforced stitching.
Leather flaps passing through the flap.

Disponibilidad: En existencias

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We are offering synthetic leather made saddlebag that is fancy and affordable at the same time. The two-piece throw over bags feature leather frays/straps attached firmly. The fresh made pieces can hold great quantity of stuff with ease. Its protective layer (plastic sheet) keeps your stuff safe in harsh weather conditions.


The rivets and buckles are chrome platted and water proof. The leather tie downs and laces attachments can be used for mounting. Have any small tool to keep in the bag? Just don’t worry as we have made the inner pocket especially for this purpose. The slick design synthetic bags are waterproof and durable.


We recommend using these hard saddlebags with any bike. One may use our quality saddlebags with Orange country bikes, Honda choppers, Kawasaki choppers, American V-Twin choppers and Harley Davidson choppers. The design is universal fitting and will fit on all the modern bikes. Next time, remember to take such bags with you on your journey.

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