MC-SB-126 Classic Leather Saddle Bag with Laces Attachment

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Lengths are 14'' x 10'' x 6''
The two piece throw over bag has laces attachments.
Many small rivets with chrome platting.
Hanging leather straps emerging from the metal fitting.
Easily open-able buckles.
Heavy duty synthetic leather construction (Rexine material).

Disponibilidad: En existencias

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Whenever riding or traveling around the town, it is handy to have a saddle bag for storing luggage. Such bags are mountable and hang-able by placing on the rear fender of the bike. You may also place the biker style half helmets in saddlebags. Remember to pick the bag that fits perfectly on your bike. We recommend buying this bag as its not only adorable, but also has the ability to carry heavy amount of luggage.


The leather saddle bag contains a small pocket inside for storing any vital stuff. The rivets and buckles are chrome platted and rust free as well as toxic free. The plastic fitting inside the bag will keep the bag’s structure rigid. It won’t contract or shrink at any case. The plastic sheet makes it much shining and protective against environmental pollutions. To prevent the bag from damaging the finish or rear parts of your bike, we have added the 4mm rubber sheet at the back.


The bag can be mounted with almost all types of bikes that are helpful in traveling. The installation will be a child’s play for the bikers. Just lift the rear fender, place the bag on it, tie the laces attachments and that’s all. Some of the major compatible bikes for this synthetic bag are Suzuki, Honda, American Choppers and Harley Davidson Choppers.

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